Aubrey Roof Repair: The 5 Most Common Problems

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The roof is one of the basic components of any building. Being a long-term investment, it ensures not only the comfort but also the durability of the building.

Regardless of the type of roof, over time, the age of the materials speaks for itself, and repairs become inevitable. But besides aging, damage may occur for various other reasons too. Problems with the roof affect the entire house and can be extremely costly if you do not take action in due time. In the case of renovation projects, this is the main point that needs to be addressed before any other work can be started.

The 5 most common problems requiring an Aubrey roof repair specialist are:

  1. Improper initial installation

One of the most common causes of roof problems is inadequate roof installation. This significantly increases the risk of experiencing more serious problems and reduces the lifespan of the roof. A complete system includes elements such as roof cover, thermal insulation, vapor barrier, drainage system, various components and accessories. They are all installed on a resistance structure – a special construction made of wood, metal or concrete called roof frame. When the roof is not installed properly, moisture builds up under the roof, leading condensation, mold and rot.

  1. Leaks and high level of moisture

Regardless of the roofing materials, leaks are some of the most common and damaging problems. Unfortunately, they may occur in certain damaged areas, around ventilation ducts, chimneys, skylights etc., as well as due to faulty gutters. Extreme weather conditions and everything that causes moisture to affect the structure of the roof require special attention.

  1. Inefficient ventilation or lack of it

Although many people still ignore it, ventilation of the roof and attic is extremely important to the lifespan of the entire system. If the volume of air under the roof cover does not circulate properly, condensation and heat will accumulate. Vents are installed along the ridge and at the base of the roof allow ventilation to occur naturally. Hot air can enter through the top and cold air can enter through the back. If ventilation is inadequate, moisture and heat are going to damage the roofing materials, insulation and rafters.

  1. Punctures and holes in the roof

Various weather phenomena, such as wind, hail, as well as mechanical damage, can cause punctures and holes in the roofing material. Water can pool in these areas and damage the roof over time. Avoid stepping on it and allow only a professional Aubrey roofing company to do this, for performing maintenance or inspections. Keep in mind that some damage may not be obvious, but it will accumulate over the years, affecting the roof by allowing water infiltrations.

  1. Lack of regular maintenance

When given timely attention, most roofing problems can be avoided. Like other parts of the house, the roof needs to be cared for. Besides keeping an eye on its condition, it is important to remove the potentially damaging factors, such as tree branches hanging above or too close to the roof, as they could cause damage during a storm, not to mention the leaves, twigs and bird nests that will accumulate in the gutters, clogging them. Routine maintenance, cleaning and routine inspections by an experienced Aubrey roofing company will extend the life of a roof.

Benefits of Hiring a Roofing Contractor for a Home You Are Selling in Castle Rock CO

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As you decide to sell your home, finding a dependable Castle Rock roofing company might not be the first thing on your mind. However, in many cases hiring a roofing contractor is essential for a home you’re about to sell, even if you don’t really plan on buying the next highly expensive slate roof and spending thousands of dollars to have it installed.

Selling a home in Castle Rock requires a great deal of consideration regarding any of its functional aspects. A good roof will go a long way, and you’ll find that hiring a dependable contractor like Birdie Roofing will make all the difference for a number of reasons.

How Professional Roofers Can Guide and Help You

Roofing experts can offer a lot of insight on what type of roof you should get when you want to sell your home, as well as why those particular roofing systems work. Depending on the size and placement of your home, as well as details regarding its age and appearance, your roofers might suggest one of a number of different roofing materials and designs.

For smaller homes and homeowners who are on a budget, a quality composite roof might be suggested. Such a roof is only slightly more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof, yet it is significantly more durable and resilient. Metal can also be quite affordable, and aside from being low-maintenance and remarkably durable, it’s also energy-efficient and capable of withstanding strong storms without a problem.

Finally, an option that any Castle Rock roofing company might hesitate to suggest is natural slate. Even though slate is expensive, however, it’s long lasting and impressively appealing. A slate roof could be a significant boost for your home’s curb appeal, and it could also attract a lot of possible buyers.

Curb appeal and first impressions will be some of the most important factors when you’re trying to sell your home. As a result, experienced roofing contractors will suggest roofing systems like the ones mentioned above because they offer significant leeway in terms of design options, color palette and compatibility with the design of your home and landscaping.

Important Aspects to Be Careful About

An experienced Castle Rock roofing company will advise you most times to be cautious about turning your roofing project into a DIY project or cutting corners with cheap materials when you’re trying to sell your home. Remember that the goal is to make your house as appealing as possible, and that an experienced realtor will be able to tell if the roof you installed is cheaply made, sometimes even without the help of an appraiser.

If you try to save a lot of money by getting a lower quality roof, you could experience a situation where your home stays on the market for a long time without anyone even making an offer. That can be extremely risky. If your house isn’t sold within about 2 months, chances are that you will have a lot of difficulty selling it at a reasonable price. So it’s important to be sure that everything about your home – especially your roof – will be seen as superior quality once a buyer shows up.

What Are the Most Durable Roofing Materials?

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When choosing the best material for your new roof, one of the most important factors to consider is durability, so here is how long you can expect different roofing materials to stay on your roof.

Asphalt Shingles

The material is affordable, it is available in a very wide range of colors and styles and it comes with a lifespan of around 15-40 years, provided that it is not installed in an area that gets frequently hit by extreme weather, such as huge storms, tornados or hurricanes. All that owners need to take care of to get the maximum lifespan of the material is to maintain the roof regularly, cleaning and inspecting it every 6 months and repairing the issues detected during the inspection.

Built-Up Roofs

These roofs consist of alternated layers of fiberglass or bitumen and gravel or felt to create a resistant and waterproof roof. The longevity that you can expect of your BUR roof is around 20-30 years, provided that the roof is regularly cleaned and maintained and the problems identified during the inspection are repaired in due course.

Metal Roofs

The metal alloys that roofing panels are made from are very strong and resistant to whatever weather comes along. Metal roofs come in various types, such as stamped profiles, exposed fastener structures and standing-seam metal roofs, all of them warranted for around 30-50 years. However, Houston roofing company experts believe that metal roofs can last for much longer than they are warranted for – being relatively new solutions, no metal has reached the end of its lifespan yet and experts are confident that the longevity offered by these roofs will be well over 70 years.


Clay and Cement Tiles

The tiles made from durable, natural materials can be expected to provide superior protection for your building for 100+ years. Tile roofs can withstand any weather, even the most severe storms and heavy snowing, without requiring any special maintenance measures, other than semi-annual cleaning and inspection, followed the repair of the faults detected.

Slate Roofs

Made from small pieces of natural stone, these roofs are the most durable of them all, many of them lasting for well over a century. The material is suitable for any climate and requires very little maintenance to be able to stay on your building for the expected period of time.

Wooden Roofs

Wood is another very attractive natural material used for making roofs, but the material is not recommended for climates that are very wet or sunny. The average lifespan of wood shingle roofs is around 25-30 years, but with very meticulous and regular maintenance that includes the application of special coatings, wood shingle roofs can easily last for over half a decade. What you need to pay attention to if you choose wood for your next roof is the quality of the installation – wooden roofs need to be installed by a Houston roofing company who has experience in working with wood, otherwise you risk having a roof that gets leaks and other problems that shorten its lifespan.


Can You Prevent Your Shingles from Getting Wind Damage?

Inspectoin By A Roofing Contractor For Wind Damage

Asphalt shingles are by far the most common and the most popular roofing material across the nation – wherever you travel in the country, you will see that most buildings use asphalt shingles. The material is the preferred choice of most homeowners for the wonderful qualities that it offers – asphalt shingles are affordable, durable and attractive, they are easy to install and easy to maintain, too. However, even the best roofing material can give in in font of excessively strong winds, so if you want to benefit of the great features offered by your shingle roof and you also want to protect it against the high winds associated with strong storms, here is some help for you.

How Wind Can Damage Your Shingles

Asphalt shingles consist of a fiberglass tab between a layer of cermic material on the bottom and a layer of mineral granules on the top for weatherproofing. Strong winds can damage any of the three layers as well as the fasteners used for fixing the tabs onto the roofing structure – here are some of the most common ways that wind damage occurs:

  • The shingle tabs can be lifted or even completely torn away by high winds;
  • The wind can loosen the roofing nails that keep the tabs in place, causing leaks to appear;
  • The wind can also break the adhesive layer used for fixing the tabs;
  • The debris carried by the wind can fall on the roof and cause impact damage;
  • High winds can break the large limbs or the branches of the trees surrounding the roof and drop the debris onto the roof, cracking or tearing the shingles.

Measures to Prevent Wind Damage

While not all wind damage can be prevented, a strong and healthy roof is able to endure more hassle than a weakened and neglected roof. The best way to minimize the probability of damage to your shingles is to maintain the roof regularly and to address whatever fault you notice in the timeliest manner possible. Ideally, you should have a roofing contractor Minneapolis has perform a detailed inspection of your shingle roof at least twice a year and you should also check it after each major storm. During the inspection, you should look for torn, cracked, curling and buckling shingles and then you should extend the inspection to the flashing around the openings on your roof and to the gutter pipes, checking these important and sensitive areas for damage and accumulated debris. Any damage that you find needs to be fixed as soon as possible, especially in periods when storms are increasingly frequent and you can expect the next extreme event to hit soon.

If moving around on roofs is not your thing or if you would be happier knowing that your roof is maintained and repaired by a professional, you can hire a local roofer for the job – professional maintenance services are not expensive and they will give you the peace of mind that your roof is in top shape and able to face harsh weather.

Orlando Roofing Contractors – Great Experts that Have the Right Solution for Any Roofing Problem

Orlando roofing contractors provide a wide range of services that encompasses every roofing-related operation, so whatever roofing issue or roofing project you have, you can trust local contractors, they will come up with the best solution for your problems – here are the most common service types they offer.

Initial Roof Installation

Initial installation is perhaps the most important roofing procedure of them all – if a roof has been mounted properly, it will be sufficiently strong to withstand severe weather and it will last long. An improperly installed roof, on the other hand, will cause trouble from the very beginning – roof components that don’t seal properly let water penetrate underneath, causing leaks and other problems.

If you are in the process of building a new home or a commercial or industrial facility and you are looking for a local roofer, make sure you choose a contractor that specializes in the type of material you will use. Each roofing material requires a different type of experience and know-how and most roofing companies handle only a limited number of different materials.


Many old building don’t have insulated roofs and attic spaces. The complete lack of insulation or improper insulation can lead to the accumulation of moisture and cause the premature deterioration of roofs, but don’t worry, local roofers provide expert insulation services as well – they will recommend you the insulation material that best suits your property and they will also install the insulation professionally for you.

Roof Maintenance

You can turn to Orlando roofing contractors if you already have a solid roof and you want to make sure it stays solid and healthy. Maintenance procedures include roof, gutter and siding cleaning, detailed inspections and remedies for small roofing problems, such as displaced shingles. These simple operations can preserve the health of your roof and extend its life, so for a few dollars a year you can avoid costly and stressful roof repairs.

Repairs and Replacements

Orlando roofers provide professional repair services as well. Leaking or warping roofs, roofs infested with algae or fungus, cracked roofs, roofs damaged by extreme weather events such as storms or hail are quickly remedied by these knowledgeable and experienced experts. Just like in the case of initial roof installation, it is probably a good idea to call a roofer that specializes in the type of roof that you have because that is the best way to make sure you benefit from the highest level of expertise and you get the best results.

Most local roofers provide both scheduled and emergency repairs. If you need a quick fix, your roofer will quickly arrive to inspect the roof and to provide some sort of temporary solution for your roofing issue, followed by a more thorough evaluation of the situation and of the repair possibilities. The procedure is the same in the case of scheduled repairs as well, the only difference being the timeframe.

In many cases, damaged roofs cannot be repaired – they need to be partially or completely replaced. Orlando roofers can help you with these operations as well – they possess the professional knowledge to be able to assess whether the old or damaged roof can be at least partially preserved and they will come up with the best, most cost-efficient and safest repair solution.

Hiring The Right Denver Roofing Contractors Is Essential If You Want A Worthwhile Investment

Roofing is serious business, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. A roof is the most important component of a house. Without a strong, sturdy roof, a house cannot stand on its own. Roofs are your main defense against the forces of nature. This is why it is very important to choose wisely when it comes to Denver roofing contractors.

Some people get the impression that roofing can be handled all by themselves, but they are extremely wrong. Do It Yourself roofing is very dangerous, and can cause severe damages to the structure of your roof, and the house. This is why people should always choose roofing firms instead of doing things on their own. You should think about Denver roofing contractors as an investment instead of a waste of money. Paying for quality roofing services is not only the ideal way of dealing with roof problems, but it can also save money, as a well maintained roof can last for a few decades with minimum repairs or upkeep. Roofs that are not properly taken care of will deteriorate faster and more often, which means that, on the long run, you will actually be paying more money.

However, not all roofing contractors are the same. Some are more professional than others, while others will cater to your particular needs a lot better than other roofers. Hiring a good roofer involves a bit of research and planning. Most of the time, it is about balancing what you need with what you want – and what you can afford or not.

However, don’t choose the cheapest roofing contractor by default. Sure, it is very attractive to hire someone that works at an affordable price, but you should not make it your first priority. As previously mentioned, roofing should be considered as an investment, and sometimes paying more means you will pay less in the future, as upkeep costs are also an important factor to consider.

When hiring a roofing contractor, make sure that the company has a solid reputation and is trustworthy. You don’t want to end up with an unprofessional contractor, as these are a waste of time and money, and you might end up with a roof that is worse than before. Always consider three or more roofing companies when looking for someone to hire. Trying to compare them to one another, to see which one suits your needs and budget.

Also check for how long they’ve been on the market. If a roofer has been around your town or city for more than a decade, than that is usually a good sign, as an unprofessional roofer would have packed up and moved from there years ago. You can also ask people you know and trust for references regarding these roofing contractors. Hopefully you can find some useful info that way. You can also try and visit their offices directly and talk to the staff to see how professionally they behave.