A Checklist for Hiring A Roofing Contractor

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Whatever roofing issue you are faced with, whether it is a minor repair to fix a leak, a partial or complete roof replacement or repairs for issues caused by a recent storm, hiring a reliable and experienced contractor is very important. Hiring the right roof repair Longmont CO contractor can be a daunting process, so here is a checklist that you can use while assessing and contacting local roofers and for contracting the right specialist.

Identify Available Roofers in Your Area

The first step should be a little research to find local roofing contractors. You can rely on trusted sources of information, such as your friends, neighbors or family, you can find roofers through the Better Business Bureau, you can rely on your own online query or you can combine all the three methods. When you have a list with at least three or four roofing businesses that seem suitable, it is a good idea to check the websites operated by the Longmont contractors and to check the online reviews and testimonials available to see what previous clients think about the roofers on your list.

Contact the Roofers on Your List

Call the roofers and schedule personal meetings with them to tell them about your project. Prepare a list of questions beforehand and don’t be shy to ask for clarifications if you have doubts or if you don’t understand the technical terms used during the meeting. The topics to cover should include the followings:

  • The roofer’s credentials – the most important documents that you need to check are the roofing license issued by your state, the general liability insurance and the workman’s compensation insurance. Good roofers also take the time to attend specialized workshops and courses where they can learn about new roofing techniques and materials, so you can ask the contractor about these documents, too;
  • Experience with the type of project that you have – ask the roof repair Longmont CO contractors how many similar projects they have accomplished and you can also ask for references that you can check;
  • The process – ask the roofer to explain to you how the project will be handled, what the steps and the related costs are. Find out how the roofer handles special or additional services, such as the disposal of the waste generated during the roofing work and site cleaning.

Request Quotes

Ask all the roofers that you contact to provide detailed, written cost estimates, then take the time to compare them in terms of price, quality, warranties and process duration. If you want the roofer to handle the material purchasing as well, check the quality level of the materials proposed. Pay special attention to the warranties offered – you need not only the manufacturer’s warranty offered on the material, but the warranty offered by roofer on the workmanship provided.


It is very important to sign a contract with your roofer before any work is performed on your roof. The contract should include all the details from the cost estimate and from your verbal agreement with the roofer and it should be signed by both of you.