How A Leaking Roof Can Lead to Major Damage

The comfort and safety of your building, whether it is your home or your commercial building, depends strongly on the roof that protects it from above – any roofing issue, especially leaks, need to be addressed in a timely manner to restore the integrity of the building.

Roof leaks might seem like minor roof problems, but unfortunately, they are anything but. Here is why and how even the smallest leak can turn into a major roofing problem very quickly.

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Understanding Roof Leaks

Roof leaks appear when water can penetrate the deeper layers of the roof through a gap, crack or hole that should not be there. Leaks can affect the roof throughout the year – in winter, they are usually caused by the penetration of the water resulting from melted snow and ice through gaps, holes or cracks caused by low temperatures; in spring and fall, they are caused by the water coming from excessive rain finding its way into the roof structure, while in summer, the most common cause is stormy weather that leads to the disrupted continuity of the roof and the consequent penetration of moisture. A local Lafayette roofing contractor says that improper draining is also a major cause of roof leaks, with clogged gutter pipes and downspouts being a common culprit.

Roof leaks can appear anywhere on the roof, one of the most common sources being displaced or completely ripped off shingles or tiles, but any roof has sensitive areas that are more prone to developing leaks. These areas include roof sections that disrupt the continuity of the structure, such as the areas covered in flashing around the roof openings and the areas where two roof slopes meet and form a valley. The areas where the roof meets a wall are also sensitive to leaking.

Signs of Roof Leaks

The most severe symptom of a leaky roof is the appearance of dampness in the building interior. In milder cases, the problem will be signaled by the appearance of mold and a musty smell, while in more severe, acute cases, the issue will be marked by a damp patch on the attic floor or on the ceilings in rooms at the top level of the building or by water dripping or pouring through the ceiling. Moisture-laden air in the attic can also indicate the presence of a leak even before more severe signs of moisture, such droplets or small ponds of water, appear in the space.

How Roof Leaks Can Lead to Severe Roof Damage

Roof leaks that are not remedied in a timely manner can quickly aggravate. The water that penetrates through initially small punctures or fissures can force those discontinuities to expand and become large gaps. The other reason why leaks are so harmful is that the water that reaches into the deeper layers of the roof soaks the structure and might weaken the wooden supporting elements, such as the beams, compromising the strength and resistance of the entire roof. Roof leaks can also soak the other major components of the building, leading to weakened walls and might also contribute to excessive moisture in the basement and to extensive foundation damage. If you discover a roof leak, you need to contact a respected Lafayette roofing contractor asap before further building damage is created.