Can You Prevent Your Siding from Warping?

Prevent Warping With Home Siding Replacement

Warping is among the most common issues that the owners of buildings enveloped in vinyl siding panels encounter. Affordable and versatile vinyl is among the most resistant materials used for manufacturing siding panels, but when exposed to expensive heat for too long, the plastic material can start to melt or to warp. While there is no way to control the amount of heat that your siding is exposed to and the only way to restore the shape of already existing siding that has started warping is through siding replacement Lincoln NE contractors provide, there are ways to prevent warping on your existing, still intact vinyl siding and you can also make smart choices when you choose your siding panels – here are some tips for you.

Paint Your Siding

Many homeowners who have vinyl panels on their building are not aware that vinyl can be painted. You can easily find paint products developed especially for vinyl – some types of paint require the use of a primer, others can be applied directly on the exterior surface of the siding panels. When choosing your paint, look for the specification “vinyl safe”, which means that the paint will stick to vinyl and will protect it, reflecting heat, rather than absorbing it, thus preventing the deterioration of the vinyl underneath. Look for light colors that will further strengthen the ability of the topmost surface to reflect heat.

Before buying the paint, consult the warranty document that comes with your siding to make sure that repainting the panels will not void the warranty. If painting is permitted, you can start the process by cleaning the siding with a mix of mild detergent and water – apply the mix on the panels from the top towards the bottom, then scrub the dirt off by hand, using a brush or a sponge that is soft enough not to scratch the vinyl. Rinse off the soapy water, then wait until the panels are completely dry and apply the paint directly on the panels or prime the panels and paint them afterwards. If might be necessary to apply two coats of paint – in that case, wait until the first coat dries completely, the results will be much better that way.

Transforming the Landscape

Transforming your landscape to give your walls more shade might be another solution. Even small trees around your building can prevent the sun from damaging your siding and having vegetation around is beneficial for the quality of the air as well as for reducing the temperature on your property.

Replacing Your Siding Panels Partially or Completely

Siding that has already started warping cannot be repaired, therefore the only way to fix the issue is to replace the damaged panels. If the area affected by the damage is small, you can choose to replace only the damaged panel and then you can paint the entire surface to prevent further warping. If your vinyl siding is old and you want to replace it anyway, you may want to consider a material that is more resistant to heat and do not warp, such as fiber cement, wood or metal.