Aubrey Roof Repair: The 5 Most Common Problems

Aubrey roofing company

The roof is one of the basic components of any building. Being a long-term investment, it ensures not only the comfort but also the durability of the building.

Regardless of the type of roof, over time, the age of the materials speaks for itself, and repairs become inevitable. But besides aging, damage may occur for various other reasons too. Problems with the roof affect the entire house and can be extremely costly if you do not take action in due time. In the case of renovation projects, this is the main point that needs to be addressed before any other work can be started.

The 5 most common problems requiring an Aubrey roof repair specialist are:

  1. Improper initial installation

One of the most common causes of roof problems is inadequate roof installation. This significantly increases the risk of experiencing more serious problems and reduces the lifespan of the roof. A complete system includes elements such as roof cover, thermal insulation, vapor barrier, drainage system, various components and accessories. They are all installed on a resistance structure – a special construction made of wood, metal or concrete called roof frame. When the roof is not installed properly, moisture builds up under the roof, leading condensation, mold and rot.

  1. Leaks and high level of moisture

Regardless of the roofing materials, leaks are some of the most common and damaging problems. Unfortunately, they may occur in certain damaged areas, around ventilation ducts, chimneys, skylights etc., as well as due to faulty gutters. Extreme weather conditions and everything that causes moisture to affect the structure of the roof require special attention.

  1. Inefficient ventilation or lack of it

Although many people still ignore it, ventilation of the roof and attic is extremely important to the lifespan of the entire system. If the volume of air under the roof cover does not circulate properly, condensation and heat will accumulate. Vents are installed along the ridge and at the base of the roof allow ventilation to occur naturally. Hot air can enter through the top and cold air can enter through the back. If ventilation is inadequate, moisture and heat are going to damage the roofing materials, insulation and rafters.

  1. Punctures and holes in the roof

Various weather phenomena, such as wind, hail, as well as mechanical damage, can cause punctures and holes in the roofing material. Water can pool in these areas and damage the roof over time. Avoid stepping on it and allow only a professional Aubrey roofing company to do this, for performing maintenance or inspections. Keep in mind that some damage may not be obvious, but it will accumulate over the years, affecting the roof by allowing water infiltrations.

  1. Lack of regular maintenance

When given timely attention, most roofing problems can be avoided. Like other parts of the house, the roof needs to be cared for. Besides keeping an eye on its condition, it is important to remove the potentially damaging factors, such as tree branches hanging above or too close to the roof, as they could cause damage during a storm, not to mention the leaves, twigs and bird nests that will accumulate in the gutters, clogging them. Routine maintenance, cleaning and routine inspections by an experienced Aubrey roofing company will extend the life of a roof.